White Spruce

White Spruce   The White Spruce is a fairly popular Christmas tree. Its popularity stems from its appealing shape and the fact that it is a native species. The tree has a nice green color, the needles are about 1" long, stiff, and pointed. The branches are stiff and support decorations well. The White Spruce has a pleasing evergreen scent and holds its needles fairly well during the season, but not as well as the Fraser and Balsam fir. We offer these trees primarily for folks who traditionally have had a spruce and don't mind sweeping up a few needles when they take their tree down. The pines and firs that we offer are our recommended species for Christmas trees.

This tree is native to Wisconsin and is related to the Norway and Blue Spruce.

We have a limited selection of White Spruce for the 2019 season from 4' to 9' tall.


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