Christmas Lights

                        Caring For Your Tree

If you are not planning on putting your tree up immediately, keep it watered and protected from the wind and sun. Storing your tree in a bucket of water in your garage or on the north side of your house is a great way to do this. Be sure to check the water frequently while you are storing it.

Then when you are ready to put it up, make a fresh cut removing a 1/2" slice from the trunk. This removes the section of trunk that may have hardened resins that block water uptake. This will assure that your tree will take up water and remain fresh throughout the holiday season. Then place it in the tree stand and fill with water. Because your tree is so fresh you may be surprised at how much water it will require. A tree can take as much as a gallon in the first day, so be sure to check the stand daily to be sure that it has enough water.

It is critical that you do not let the level of the water in your tree stand drop below the bottom of the trunk. If this happens, the resins in the tree will harden as they dry out and prevent the tree from conducting the water up into the tree.

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