Shearing Demonstration

A pine, fir, or spruce needs to be sheared to become an attractive Christmas tree.  In the case of pines, an unsheared tree that is 7 ft. tall may only have 4 or 5 sets of branches!  That's not the look most people desire in a Christmas tree.  We shear to get a nice full looking tree while retaining a natural appearance.  Here's Lisa getting a nice Fraser Fir in shape for the upcoming season.

Shearing - Step 1 This tree has been sheared for the last few years and has a nice full appearance.  In order to keep the Christmas tree "fullness", Lisa has to shorten the leader or there will be a bare area.  She measures to find the correct length and then finds a good bud and shortens the leader to the correct length.
Shearing - Step 2 In this photo, Lisa snips off any branches that are sticking out too far for the standard Christmas tree shape and look. 
Shearing - Step 3 On our very large trees, we need to use a long pruner. Bruce is snipping the branches to bring the tree into shape and will also prune the leader to the correct length.
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