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Q: I've noticed that some of the trees have a slight yellow tinge - what does that mean?

A: The yellowing of Pines in the winter is a natural phenomenon. As the days shorten and the temperature drops, the trees enter a state of dormancy. During this period, the sun and the drying winds tend to yellow the trees somewhat since the trees are no longer producing chlorophyll, the substance that gives the tree its green color.

Only the pines exhibit winter yellowing.  The Spruce and Fir retain their natural green/green-blue color.  We do lightly tint some of our pines with a safe, latex based pigment for those customers that prefer a greener pine.


Q: I see that some of the trees have the branches broken off and the bark rubbed off. What is that from?

A: From mid-October through November the male Whitetail Deer enters a period called the "rut". During this period one of their behaviors is to rub their antlers on trees. Some of this activity is practice for fighting with other bucks for territory and some if it is to mark territories. Sadly, they do not seem to care that they are in our Christmas tree area when they are doing this. We expect to lose 30 to 50 trees each year from this activity.


Q: Should I put something in the water that I use for my tree?

A: There are many different products on the market and many different "home recipes" that are supposed to keep your tree fresh. Feel free to experiment with these, but the single most important thing you can do to keep your tree fresh is to keep it watered and be sure that it never runs out of water. If your tree runs out of water in the stand, the resins at the base of the trunk will harden and the tree will not take up much water after that.


Q: How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree?

A: The answer is that it depends. There are many factors: soil fertility, rainfall, temperature, etc. It also varies greatly by species. At CEDAR CREEK FARM we can grow a 7' pine in 6 to 8 years. It will take a Fraser Fir or Spruce 8 to 10 years to reach that height.


Q: I've never purchased a cut-your-own tree, what do I do when I get there?

A: When you arrive we'll direct you to the tree species and size you are most interested in, explain our pricing, and give you a saw to use to harvest your tree. We provide a nice sharp bow saw for you to use or you can bring your own saw if you wish. Then just wander around our 6 acres of trees until you decide on the one you want, then cut it down and bring it back to the parking area. It takes less than a minute to actually cut your tree down. If you choose to bring your own saw, please note that chain saws are not allowed for two reasons: to preserve the peace and quiet and because our insurance coverage prohibits their use. Axes and hatchets are also not allowed for insurance reasons.


Q: How do I get my tree home?

A: If you have a small to medium size tree, we'll put your tree in your trunk and fasten your trunk shut with a re-usable rubber strap. For SUV's and vans with roof racks we'll go on top.   For larger trees we have twine available to tie the tree to your car and will do that for you, if you like, so that you can get your tree home safely. Our personal best is a 12 foot Scotch Pine on a Jeep Cherokee! Click here for a picture - Tree Transport


Q: How many trees do I have to choose from?

A: We have about 5000 trees for you to choose from. About 2000 are under 4 feet (these are the trees that you'll be harvesting in the coming years), 2000 between 4 feet and 6 feet, and 1000 from 5 feet and up. We also have a wide assortment of tree shapes. Some of our trees are tall and thin, some are short and wide, some are very full, some are not so full. No matter how you define the "perfect" Christmas tree, we think you will find it at CEDAR CREEK FARM.


Q: Why does this web site look so old?

A: Because it is! This site was originally done in 1997 right after Al Gore and I invented the Internet. ;-) It has been purposely left in its original state, except for necessary updates to pictures, prices, dates, etc. After I did this site, other folks asked me to do sites for their businesses and Cedar Creek Web Design was born. We of course changed and modernized over the years and it remains a major web development company in the Madison and Dane County area. I have since sold the company and the new owner has taken the company to new heights.


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